Five for Friday

  1. Super happy with WW this week, down 8 total in 5 weeks…slow and steady wins the race?
  2. Nervous for manfriend to meet some friends this weekend. Shouldnt care but I care about people’s opinions! 
  3. BUT the focus is on my adorable godson, not my neuroses. :-) CANNOT wait to see the boys.
  4. 1 week from today, my OBX beach week starts…is that why time is crawling?
  5. I am enjoying my new haircut…long enough for a big bun, but not all bushy. 

Gpoyw - ice bucket challenge!


Last week I was hoping Id be in a new weight bracket this week and BOOM I am. Very proud of myself (not to toot my own horn.)

My friend who started has kind of started a domino effect…Im doing it, now my parents joined, now another friend might join. Its just pretty easy and its nice to have everything marked down so you can know what to adjust. 

My veggie soup I have been devouring is also so good I dont get sick of eating it everyday. Basically its any veggie you want (this weeks batch was zucchini, squash, white beans, celery), 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes, hot sauce, 32 oz of water, 5 bouillon cubes, and spices (salt, pepper, cayenne, a shot of Worcestershire, onion flakes). The salt content is pretty minimal as this made about 120 oz of soup (I measured it out by ladle). Ive been adding chopped up chicken and some Parmesan when I heat it up…you could also add tofu or ground beef, whatever you want.

Anyway, Im just pleased to get some results and get why people like WW so much!! 

weekend recap

  • Got my hair cut on Friday after a terrible drive home (LETS GO 80 THEN JUST GET ON THE BRAKES FOR NO REASON-everyone), rebounded with a delicious Greek dinner with the fam and playing with the pups
  • Saturday - coffee and playing with the dogs on the porch, followed by finishing up The Appetites of Girls while getting some sun in the yard, Joan came over to visit for a bit and we made delish Barefoot Contessa shrimp scampi for dinner
  • Sunday - cleaned and vacuumed my car, played with the pups, ate my Dad’s famous bacon and eggs, went on a “trip to Steinmart” with my parents which morphed into Steinmart, Target, Sams, and Aldis…of course. Headed back after helping my Dad clean up puppy poop off the door (no idea how he got it higher than his butt), caught up with the roommate, made an amazing batch of veggie soup, celery salad, and ate way too much cantaloupe before finishing another book in bed

solid weekend…i miss my family already!


August 4th, 1995

Weezer - Say It Ain’t So (Live @ Letterman)

I think he missed me

I think he missed me

Morning play time

Morning play time